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Complete Solution to Broadcast Group SMS to Any Mo

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If you wish to send multiple text messages by using Windows and GSM technology based mobile phone devices in simplified way. This article helps you to send bulk text messages to different user cell phone without typing sms from mobile keypad.
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Instantly compose and send text messages from computer to group of mobile phone users including CDMA or GSM networks via any Windows OS based pocket PC, PDA and smart phone handsets. Most economical SMS gateway program is convenient way to make contact with friends, family members, relatives, employees, national or international clients residing at any part of the world. One of the best bulk sms software useful tool for marketing, advertising and other similar usages by creating and sending group of text messages that mainly includes-
* Interview schedule or job alerts
* Instant notification
* Seasonal greetings or personal invitation
* Event alerts and reminders like meetings, parties, social gatherings etc
* Product launches or updates
* Mutual funds, insurance and finance
* Business news and advertising
No extra monthly charge or sms gateway required with the use of Bulk SMS software, Just downloads to the website and enjoys its benefits. Simple to use and reliable bulk sms software creates and sends text messages to individual or lists of contact without requiring internet gateway, sms website templates, sms server or sms services.
SMS messaging software supports Non English (Unicode) character sets. Send text from computer to group and personalize at all national and international mobile phone networks. SMS gateway software useful to load contacts numbers from files or send unique or personalize text messages to every contact by using excel/text file formats. Portable and affordable sms software sends thousands of instant text messages by using delayed delivery feature to maintain and customized the load of SMS broadcasting.
Group sms software provides feature to save send text messages to template and can be easily viewed by any user.
SMS messaging software supports different versions of Windows Operating System that includes Windows Vista, 7, XP, Server 2003 etc.
SMS gateway software maintains lists of groups or contacts, which may need to exclude time to time when sending sms from PC.
About Author:
www.sendgroupsms.com is world leading all around company website that offers reliable and trustworthy sms software to accomplish customer requirements at relevant price.
Contact Details:
Company Name: Sms text messaging
Email: ajanesmg@yahoo.co.nz
Website: http://www.sendgroupsms.com

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